Use of personal information

No personally identifiable information is collected on this web site. Site users can join our email list but this data is not viewed or sold by any 3rd party.

Collected data

As with most web sites our severs can collect and store information that your browsers requests web visiting pages. This information does not contain personally identifiable information and can contain: date and time of visit, country and city location, IP address of your ISP. We may evaluate this data in order to help improve the web site and for marketing activities.


A cookie is added to your browser when you visit this web site. This can be used to help improve your experience and provide useful but non identifiable visitor data. We may use this info to improve this web site for other visitors.

Content disclosure

We try to make sure that information on this web site, particularly parking rates and deals are accurate but accept that sometimes some of this information could be wrong or out of date. Parking rates and discounts can come from various sources including partnerships with parking service providers and the general public. We accept no liability for information that proves to be incorrect.